What is Patch Management and why do you need it?

Most businesses now have ‘Patch Management’, and it is often a stipulation from your customers to make sure you have either Cyber Essentials accreditation or that you maintain your systems with regards to security (which Patch Management software does).

You are probably wondering what Patch Management is; why do you need it and most importantly, how much is it going to cost?

So, first question first… what is Patch Management?  Patch Management is a Managed Service solution from EBS and is the process of distributing and applying updates to software. These patches are often necessary to correct errors (also referred to as ‘vulnerabilities’ or ‘bugs’) in software applications and system files.

Second question, why do you need Patch Management?  Patch Management is important for several key reasons. It fixes vulnerabilities in your software and applications that are susceptible to cyber-attacks, helping your organisation reduce security risks.  It helps maintain system uptime. It ensures your software and applications are kept up to date, so they run smoothly, and helps control restarts as a result thus supporting system uptime.  It is worth noting that EBS can also control which patches should not be installed, for example, if we find a patch that causes a device to crash, run slowly or even fail, we can prevent this patch from deploying to all your devices.  With the continued rise in cyber-attacks, organisations are often required by regulatory bodies to maintain a certain level of compliance.  Patch Management is a necessary piece of adhering to compliance standards.  And finally, feature improvements going beyond software bug fixes to also include feature/functionality enhancements that can benefit your staff and make sure they can become even more efficient.

You’re probably thinking “why do I need this when my computer updates all the time anyway?”.  The major difference is that this service is centrally managing patches and that we make sure all your machines are updating the majority of the software installed (not just Microsoft) as quickly and as safely as possible.  It prevents staff turning off or ignoring updates, not restarting and also forcibly pushes important updates to the device when automatic updates might take weeks to filter through.

Before I come to the costs (if you’re still reading!), I must stress that this Managed Service is optional, but it is highly recommended.  Patch Management is becoming like Anti-Virus – you just would not use your computer without it.  This service is either included within your support package or priced based on the number of devices you have (physical servers, virtual servers, workstations, or laptops) – per device, per month.

To find out exactly how much Patch Management would be for your business please contact us or your dedicated account manager.