Tracey Murchington

HR & Office Manager
Tracey Murchington

Tracey Murchington

“Going in one more round, when you don’t think you can. That’s what makes all the difference in your life.”


Is this Tracey or Rocky Balboa? Both live their life by the same rules it seems. Including watching Emmerdale.


Tracey is our accounts controller and she does a fine job liaising with our customers, helping them with any enquiries they may have about their account.


She loves the friendly atmosphere at EBS and the interactions she has with customers. It’s very much not a soap opera, so she has to get her fix of that from the TV (she’s met Rita from Corrie and Rickeeeee from EastEnders).


The Key Questions
What's the first website or app you use in the morning?

Clash of Clans

Who's your favourite movie character?

Rocky Balboa

Marmite: Yes or No?


What's your favourite flavour crisp?

Cheese and onion