Richard Peacock

Hardware Team Leader
Richard Peacock

Richard Peacock

With the team for 15 years, Richard is our hardware team leader. He likes complex and innovative projects to work on, so never feel like your problem is too big for Richard to resolve.


The world of infrastructue changes constantly, but that’s exactly how Richard likes it:


“Fast-paced, fun, exciting and never a dull day!”


Outside of work, Richard likes messing around with Play-Doh. He claims this is the fault of his children, but we’re not so sure he doesn’t instigate it every time.



The Key Questions
What's the first website or app you use in the morning?


Who's your favourite movie character?

Ron Burgundy, “I don’t know how to say this but I’m kind of a big deal”

Marmite: Yes or No?


What's your favourite flavour crisp?

Salt and Lineker