Nicola Tomlinson

Account Manager
Person Placeholder

Nicola Tomlinson

Nicola likes solving puzzles. Don’t disturb her in the morning when she’s playing Toon Blast (before work, we might add).


Solving puzzles is part of Nicola’s role as account manager for ReACT. Not only does she keep customers up to date on the latest updates with the software, but she also offers support to other team members. In fact, Nicola says she learns something new every day.


For Nicola, it’s about the ReACT customers:


“All our customers are lovely, easy to approach. They are all willing to help each other and us to make ReACT what it is today.”


When not figuring out how to beat her high score, Nicola loves to spend time with family and walking her puppy.


The Key Questions
What's the first website or app you use in the morning?

Toon Blast

Who's your favourite movie character?

Wonder Women, because she is a strong and passionate lady who wants to do right by those who need it.

Marmite: Yes or No?


What's your favourite flavour crisp?

Salt and Vinegar