Jason Tullah

Group Managing Director and ReACT Managing Director
Jason Tullah

Jason Tullah

Jason is the big boss. Both group managing director and MD of our ReACT business, he’s grown with the company during the last 20 years, seeing it develop to more than double in size despite the long recession.


Never happier than when steering the product development of ReACT, Jason knows EBS’ and ReACT’s success is down to our customers.


“Our customers are the reason we exist as a business, and their success allows us to grow.”


No one is as active as Jason. He cycles, runs, plays volleyball every week and is even a qualified rugby coach. It’s a good job he likes to keep fit. He also loves any form of curry!


The Key Questions
What's the first website or app you use in the morning?

Microsoft Outlook on iOS closely followed by BBC News app.

Who's your favourite movie character?

Tricky! Maybe Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption. Great story, great character and a great actor (Tim Robbins). The character represents integrity, hope and amongst many other themes how a person can be free, even in prison, or feel unfree, even in freedom. Deep!

Marmite: Yes or No?

No. Try Bovril instead.

What's your favourite flavour crisp?

Salt and malt vinegar