Amanda Tullah

HR & Office Manager
Person Placeholder

Amanda Tullah

As HR and office manager, Amanda can be described as the glue that holds the business together – the link between our employees and board of directors. She manages the policies and procedures we have along with making sure our office actually functions (it does – thank you Amanda!)


She loves working for EBS and that means those smiling faces you see here are kept that way.


It must have something to do with the avocados she eats – power food for the brain – or the celebrity status she holds in the office, as she once appeared in a BBC comedy series.


If you ever speak to Amanda, you’ll know that glue extends to our customers as well:


“We have some great customers who have been with us for so long that they feel like part of us.”


Amanda is clearly an organised woman. With two children, a horse and a dog, weekends are pretty busy. Maybe she comes to work for a rest.


The Key Questions
What's the first website or app you use in the morning?

My emails!

Who's your favourite movie character?

Helen Mirren because she is such a great role model for women.

Marmite: Yes or No?


What's your favourite flavour crisp?

Balsamic Vinegar