Spindle Document Distribution

Go paperless and deliver information smarter

In a typical month, your accounts department alone produces hundreds, even thousands, of documents. Spindle Document Distribution automatically sends these out and simplifies the whole process.

Spindle Document Distribution merges information from business applications, creating documents for automatic distribution by email, fax or print. It archives documents for easy retrieval, improving communication between departments, saving time and eliminating errors.  There’s no need for pre-printed stationery or expenditure on postage.

We’ve helped many businesses to get the most out of Spindle Document Distribution. Imagine the ability to quickly and easily send your business documents at the click of a button

Main benefits of Spindle Document Distribution

Secure - Sensitive and important documentation can be sent securely using digital signatures, as this allows businesses to assure its recipients that documents have come from an authenticated source and provide evidence should the document be tampered with.

Saves precious business time - save time on sending important but time consuming documents with the Automated Document Delivery.

Professional - ensure that you look legit by creating professional document overlays

Save money - not only can you save time time but also money with substantial savings compared to ‘print and post’.

Flexibility - documents can be sent through a variety of channels including email, fax and print. Spindle Documentation Distribution also integrates with Sage 50, Sage 200 and Sage CRM.

Case Study – Care in Bathing

When your company is awash with multiple different branding for different areas of your business, and you rely on being able to easily and quickly send out all customer and supplier information with the correct company branding, sending out documents to customers and suppliers should not be a cause for concern.


But it was for Care in Bathing, who approached EBS for help in finding a solution to their problems.


After talking to them in-depth and getting the exact nature of their issues, we recommended the Draycir Document Distribution solution – and it proved to be right up their street.


Draycir provides the functionality to work out which branding an order requires and who to send it to.


It provided Care in Bathing with a simple and faultless way of sending documents, without worrying about displaying incorrect company details or logos.

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Our Consultant’s View

Phil Smith

Phil Smith

Sage 200 Consultant

I love projects like this. The ability to produce barcode labels to place on customer despatch notes at the click of a button allows Care in Bathing to bulk scan all proof of delivery signatures in against Sage 200 Sales Orders. What a time saving! Not only that, but capturing documents sent in from suppliers and storing them in a central location gives even further efficiencies and ensures the are compliant with HMRC.

Contact Phil about Spindle Document Distribution