Spindle Document Capture

Document archiving and retrieval in an instant

Spindle Document Capture is a document scanning and archiving tool for Sage 200 designed to save you with time processing incoming documents and ensures that your documents are instantly accessible within your accounting system.

Spindle Document Capture allows users to directly access documents in Sage 200 – links documents to transactions in your accounting system with less risk of losing or misfiling important files.

We’ve helped many businesses to get the most out of Spindle Document Capture. If implemented correctly, you will receive a great return on investment – by saving you time, it helps you to save money on admin costs.

Main Benefits of Spindle Document Capture

Accessible - Easily scan documents on the go – capture documents when out and about using an Apple device.

Work more efficiently - Speed up document scanning by using barcodes. Become a truly paperless office with seamless integration with Spindle Professional.

Flexibility - Suitable for any file type. Scan and archive any document as well as photos, Excel spreadsheets, emails and more.

Less office clutter – with less paper documents in your office you save on storage space.

Secure access – only approved users are allowed access to sensitive business information.

Case Study – FridgeXpress

FridgeXpress felt they were being left out in the cold by their existing system and needed to turn up the heat on their operations.


All they needed was to store all supplier documents at a click of a button, with the ability to regularly produce copies of these for returns and warranty purposes. They came to EBS with a simple problem that, fortunately, had an equally simple solution.


We provided them with the Spindle Document Capture solution, which is so quick and easy to use.

Now, FridgeXpress can use barcodes to capture documents at a later stage and can easily see if documents have been missed. They can also enhance the solution to add barcodes on outgoing delivery notes to capture them once they have been signed by the customer.


A happy, warm ending for FridgeXpress.

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Our Consultant’s View

Simon Pritchard

Simon Pritchard


Spindle Document Capture is easy to use and makes so much sense to businesses like FridgeXpress, who produce a lot of documents and need to track them when they come in to the company. If a customer produces a document from the system, it’s easy to capture it and log it against the customer record. It saves our customer so much time and improves the customer service they offer to theirs.

Get in touch with Simon about Spindle Document Capture