Sage 200 Manufacturing

Control your manufacturing business more effectively

Sage 200 Manufacturing is an optional module that enables companies to automate their manufacturing processes, giving you the required information to manage and control your business more effectively, maintain productivity and increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Sicon Manufacturing for Sage 200 has flexibility which makes it ideal for businesses with both light and complex manufacturing requirements. Its tools and features ensure transparency and control of costs throughout each project, providing immediate and up-to-date status of all production, including finished and unfinished orders, or those waiting in line.

We’ve helped many businesses to get the most out of both Sage 200 Manufacturing and Sicon Manufacturing for Sage 200. For example, established manufacturers are empowered to manage every stage of the process, from planning and materials to costs and collecting payments. Efficient resource planning is pivotal to a successful manufacturer, but having the ability to quickly analyse facts, recognise developing issues and react accordingly will make all the difference to your profitability.

Main benefits of Sage 200 Manufacturing

Flexibility - use in a range of different applications: apply materials, machine, tooling, sub-contract and piece work costs

Sage 200 Bill of Materials - this is an optional module tailored to businesses involved in light assembly that don’t require the full complexity of the Manufacturing module

Monitor, control and cost your processes - manufacturing and assembly processes can be easily managed as it breaks down complex production processes into individual elements

Predict production capabilities - easily estimate production capabilities, using the trial kitting tool to check whether you have sufficient stock to build the BOM required

Maintain control of stock and goods - get accurate costs for each unit or build run and receive full batch and serial number traceability

Case Study – Crosby Composites

Companies cannot risk being burdened by time-consuming manufacturing processes that do not inform or connect the different departments. It just won’t do. But that was one of the significant factors affecting Crosby Composites, slowing down the overall manufacturing cycle and limiting key data on productivity.


Their existing system was, effectively, preventing their business from growing in a controller manner. We were only too happy to help and get Crosby where they needed to be.


The solution we provided drastically reduced time for their production administration staff, gave them clear visibility of works order status, provided costs for every operation in the process and ensured more flexibility for future development using tablets and route cards embedded in production departments.


What’s not to like about that?

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