Take smart decisions based on business intelligence

Panintelligence for Sage is an analytics and business intelligence tool from Panintelligence, which can connect to Sage 50, 200, and CRM. It empowers you to transform how reports are compiled within your businesses, by allowing easy access to real-time data from multiple sources, displayed side by side.

The dashboard comes with a set of pre-built charts and graphs, which enables you to visualise your data, spot trends, and reveal new insights. If you do wish to build new graphs and charts, however, this can be done through the intuitive user interface, with no coding required.

Panintelligence for Sage also has data connections to Sage built in, removing the complex process of setting them up for yourself. As all data is securely stored at source, the software is GDPR-ready, as well as having different access privileges available to ensure only authorised users can access sensitive information.

Main benefits of Panintelligence

Easy to implement: With data connections prebuilt into the software, it's easy for you to start self-serving your own data

Real-time data displayed: Trust the data you're viewing and set KPI alerts for instant notifications

Robust Security: Data is securely stored at source, and the software complies with all the latest regulations

Scalable: Reporting requirements often change over time, and Pi for Sage can scale alongside the business as it grows

Flexibility: Connect to any database in your business and display data side by side in the dashboard

Accessibility: The software works on tablet and mobile, so staff can access it remotely when working in the field

Case Study – CDI

When you have a considerable list of key issues in your existing solution, wouldn’t it be great to tidy it all up and increase efficiency in one single stroke?


Fortunately, that’s what EBS were able to do for CDI with Pan Intelligence. CDI were experiencing several problems – they had little visibility on opportunities, on what their sales people were doing, or their project status and project billing. They were also using Microsoft Excel, which has evolved over many years and in itself had many snags.


CDI were having to go into Sage 200 and CRM to find relevant information and, with no single view of data, were discovering more issues as projects were being entered incorrectly. Crucially, that meant opportunities were not being followed up. With Pan Intelligence in place, CDI’s management were enabled with a single view of all data, providing complete visibility within the business.


Another key function of the solution was the provision of alerts for data that needed to be followed up or had been entered incorrectly.This live, real-time data provided CDI with just the one version of the truth – and immediately enhanced their business.

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