Go Paperless – It’s a No Brainer!

Every business is guilty of producing more paperwork than is necessary. Implementing a paperless structure into your business saves time and money, while helping the planet.

New Sage 200 integrated solutions such as Spindle Document Management can remove inconveniences from your day-to-day business tasks while reducing the massive piles of files and paperwork into an efficient document management solution.

Time is Money

2017 Sage survey revealed that businesses around the world spend an average of 120 working-days per year on administrative tasks.

This equates to 5% of the total manpower for the average small and medium sized business.

That’s ridiculous in today’s technology-savvy society.

Time really is money. Implementing a solution that helps you become a paperless business will save you a lot of both.

Standard admin tasks can include document delivery and retrieval, filing, typing up documents and copying them. That’s only naming a few.

An electronic document management solution will do all of that for you.

Printing off sheet after sheet of paper, processing it and filing it isn’t a valuable use of your time (money).

Some peace-of-mind.

Installing a paperless solution means that important documents are less likely to be lost and impossible to damage.

  • As much as you trust your current admin team, or yourself if you don’t have one, going paperless will reduce the risks of human error while dealing with paperwork.
  • There’s nothing worse than losing a really important document, is there?
  • Paperless systems offer security that the ancient box-files in your cabinets simply can’t.
  • The loss of sensitive, employee related data isn’t a risk worth taking.
  • Disaster recovery. Losing one document is one thing, losing an entire office-worth is another.
  • A flood or fire can’t damage data stored in the cloud.

Do Your Bit

The paper industry stats are shocking, according to The Paperless Project.

  • 4% of the world’s energy consumption is used to provide paper.
  • roughly 10 billion cubic feet of timber is harvested each year for paper.
  • a typical piece of paper in the average office is thrown out by the end of the day.

There are more depressing paper statistics, but I won’t keep depressing you with them: you get the picture.

You’re cutting down trees when you should be cutting costs.

Back to Business

EBS has partnered with development industry leaders who promote a paperless office.

Dracyir can add to your efficient, sustainable arsenal with Spindle Document Management while Eureka Solutions have developed the Plus Pack; a huge package of award-winning Sage 200 addons with varying functions.

EBS is passionate about working with the best possible solution providers to bring our customers world class services that help their business grow.

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