Eureka Add-ons for Sage

Extending the use of your existing software

Eureka Solutions is a multi-award winning company and widely recognised as the UK’s leading Sage developer. They have a vast library of off-the-shelf Sage 200 add-ons, meaning if you come on board as a Sage 200 customer supported by EBS, we can give you the best possible chance of ensuring your system is a perfect fit.

Eureka Solutions offers a vast portfolio of Sage 200 add-ons to help ensure your solution is tailored to your needs and requirements.

Through Eureka, EBS has helped many businesses to get the most out of their Sage 200 products. While Sage 200 offers great flexibility and scalability, is highly configurable and has an impressive depth of functionality, we recognise that many companies will have very specific requirements and bespoke development is often required.

Some of the Many Solutions from Eureka:

Plus Pack for Sage 200

A collection of 75 add-ons that have been developed in response to specific customer demand.

Sales Order Plus for Sage 200

Gives you the tools to access information and process orders, quickly and accurately from within one form.

Data Exchange for Sage 200

Designed for seamless Sage 200 integration with third-party systems such as warehousing software, ERP and CRM solutions

Purchase Order Plus for Sage 200

Eliminates the time-consuming nature of entering a large volume of purchase orders, which can require several members of staff.

Stock Plus for Sage 200

Extends standard Sage 200 functionality to allow you to quickly manage your stock.

Web Sales Orders for Sage 200

Designed to allow you to quickly enter sales orders into the Sage 200 suite via a web interface.

Web PO Requisition for Sage 200

Enables you to quickly and easily create, amend and manage purchase requisitions at anytime and from anywhere via a web browser.

Warranties Service and Repairs for Sage 200

Useful if you deal with after-sales servicing of products and you require a solution that can manage this process easily.

Case Study – Hughes Safety Showers

One of the major problems Hughes faced was having to import sales and purchase orders from a third-party system.  In turn, that meant they needed to transfer hundreds of outstanding sales and purchase orders into Sage ready for Go Live.


Hughes were also required to import customer transactions from a different third-party system, will continue to do so. By using the Eureka Data Exchange solution, the client was able to quickly migrate data from old third-party system to allow a seamless transition to go live.


The product will continue to be used to bring data into Sage 200 from other solutions.

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Our Consultant’s View

Simon Pritchard

Simon Pritchard


This was a great project to work on. The team at Hughes Safety Showers were having real problems importing so it was tremendous to use Eureka Data Exchange to smooth the process out and get some speed and efficiencies. The users were helped by some excellent user guides that are available for the product. It’s had a real impact and we’ll use Eureka Data Exchange for getting other data sources into Sage 200 in the future.

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