Stay on the road longer, become more efficient with our solutions for the distribution sector

Manufacturers rely on their end-product being distributed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

But that process is not always as simple as it could be, as there can be endless channels that need negotiating. 

Distributors are usually small and medium-sized businesses, and to maintain a customer base, a retail company needs to face the challenges associated with those various channels of distribution. 

By overcoming those challenges, companies can not only remain competitive on price but bring value to their customers beyond their product offerings. 

Several issues a distributor must take into account are: 

Inventory control

Lean manufacturing


Cyber-security risks

Wholesale distribution

Competition and consolidation

Succession planning

Wealth management

But help is always on hand, and we at EBS are available to offer online assistance. 


We have a wealth of experience working in distribution, with a proven track record of finding the best solutions for companies who have placed their trust in EBS. 


We work with the very latest technology, including Sage 200 Manufacturing, network and infrastructure hardware, to cyber-security. 


We also work closely with Sicon to expand Sage 200 systems to make them a more suitable fit for retail and wholesale businesses. 


And at EBS, we pride ourselves on really getting to know our customers so that we can deliver the absolute best for them. Our support team of experienced staff understand the issues around distribution, and know how to ensure minimal disruption is caused to your business.  


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