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Head office address: 852 Tyburn Rd, Birmingham, B24 9NT

Phone number: 0121 384 2513

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Electronic Business Systems (EBS) was founded in 1980 when business technology and software was in its infancy and most small businesses had an electric typewriter as their most advance piece of office technology, if they were lucky!

With access to PCs not becoming mainstream until IBM introduced the title of Personal Computer on to its model 5150 in 1981, EBS were among the first UK companies to offer sales and specialist business software.

Over the years we have supplied many hardware and software systems to local and national government, including the Department of Works and Pensions, and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

Today, EBS looks a little different, but still maintains the business integrity and close client relationships that have been at the core of our values since inception.

As a Sage Business Partner since 1996, EBS also specialises in Sage’s portfolio of business software and are able offer complete turn-key solutions for any business wanting comprehensive and flexible software for accounting, manufacturing or CRM.

EBS has its own in-house development team, who are able to use industry-leading skills and tools to develop and enhance your Sage solution, or scope and create a new one from scratch. We are an experienced developer for both Sage and Microsoft, and also have expertise in Microsoft’s amazing SharePoint platform.

To complete and complement our Business Software and Development services, we offer a comprehensive and flexible hardware and IT infrastructure support wrapper. By having our own on-site team of Microsoft qualified support and installation technicians, we are able to provide our clients with a truly holistic IT solution.


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