Prepare for the worst, relax when you recover

With downtime and data loss able to bring a business to its knees very quickly a robust backup solution is the single most important element in a business IT policy.


The threat from malware, viruses, trojans and the like is real. So too is the unfortunate prospect of human error causing your business to restore to a previous point in time.


The amount of data stored by even the smallest of businesses is staggering. Lost data can equate to lost revenue. 


We work alongside HP, enabling us to offer exceptional backup devices. Their innovative design showcases hardware data encryption to form a new level of data protection. 


We also offer offsite backups. This provides a second layer of security while maintaining a cost-effective plan. 

Main benefits of our backup devices

Eradicates risk of lost data in unfortunate events

Safeguard against corruption of files and disks

Quick restore methods means access to lost files is fast and effective

Online backup solutions save money by not requiring additional hardware or consumables, such as tapes

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